More than 20 years working with elite athletes of the highest level

MADFORM was founded and developed by Miguel Ángel Domínguez, a professional sports physio with more than 20 years experience working with some of the best sportsmen in the world.

His career begin in the field of fitness, before moving to tennis and then to professional football. In 1992 he was heavily involved in the Olympic Games in Barcelona after which he changed discipline once more, this time moving to Motorsport where he began working with some of the very best drivers and motorbike riders.

Miguel Angel launched MADFORM in 1999 and shortly after he opened a sport therapy centre close to the Montmelo race circuit in Barcelona, the home of the Spanish Grand Prix.


MADFORM has become a highly prestigious brand
His personal knowledge and that of his team have helped MADFORM to become a highly respected, prestigious brand amongst physios, chiropracters, rehabilitation clinics, sports clubs and elite athletes from many different disciplines.
Headquarters MADFORM

Our head office is located in Granollers, close to Barcelona, Spain.
Ramon Dagà 11, local 6, Granollers
Barcelona 08402 Spain

GPS: 41.595363,2.289388

T: (+34) 93.861.41.71
F: (+34) 93.860.63.21

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