Madform, patrocinador oficial de Neymar Jr’s Five 2018

Nos enorgullece anunciar que, este año, Madform nos convertimos en patrocinador oficial de Neymar Jr’s Five 2018. Un torneo global de fútbol sala organizado por Red Bull, en el que jugadores de todos los rincones del mundo se juntan para celebrar su pasión: el fútbol. De este modo, desde Madform, pretendemos acercarnos un poco más […]

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An Introduction to Running Injuries

Jogging just seems to get more and more popular. Winter is coming to an end, it’s not as cold now, and there are ever more people running in the street. No doubt some of them are experienced, and have continued to practice their sport during the colder months. Others are beginners running for the first […]

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MADFORM Cremy Gel warm-up cream – protect yourself during the cold weather

The brand of choice for many elite athletes presents its warm-up cream to help prevent injuries this winter. There are many ways of getting hurt when you play sports, but a high proportion of injuries occur from simply not warming-up correctly. It is an important element that should be included in every training session and […]

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MADFORM presents its sunscreen – designed for athletes and resistant to the harsh sun Alpine

The renowned sports product brand presents its fast absorbing moisturising sunscreen. With it’s high resistance to water and sweat it’s ideal to protect athletes from damage during this ski season Many people spend the summer dreaming of the colder part of the year. But there is a threat that some only associated with the sunnier […]

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MADFORM signs with Gas Gas for Dakar 2012

Gas Gas, the Catalan motorcycle brand known for its high performance competition bikes, is making the move to distance events at Dakar 2012. The historic manufacturer of trial and enduro motorcycles, has bet heavily on several luxury signings such as pilots and Laia Sanz and engineer Marc Guasch Pere Ibanez, ready for the new season. […]

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MADFORM at the Barcelona 24 Hours Race

This weekend MADFORM founder and Sports Therapist, Miguel Ángel Domínguez will be looking after one of the teams at the Barcelona 24 Hour event at the Circuit de Catalunya, Montmelo (home of the Barcelona Grand Prix) where drivers will be competing in this day-long endurance race. Miguel Angel is a veteran of the world of motorsport and has […]

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Fruit and Vegetables And The Battle Against Cellulite

When it comes to, you can find plenty of information on the web promising a miracle cure to eliminate the ‘orange peel’ effect from your thighs, hips and buttocks by purchasing  over priced diet products and therapy packages. The two biggest concerns that women have with regards to cellulite are how to prevent further cellulite […]

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The Benefits of Cycling

Who knew…. who knew… that when the “Laufmschine” was introduced in Europe by the German Baron and inventor, Karl Drais in the nineteenth century (the same man who invented the typewriter) the BICYCLE (also known as the velocipede, the draisine or dandy horse) would have such an enormous impact on our society? Bicycles have been adapted in […]

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Core Muscle Exercises

A few weeks back we introduced you to the muscles of the abdominal core, well, some of you, I am sure that many of you were already well acquainted with them. Today, as promised, we would like to devote a few lines to explaining a couple of great core muscle exercises for training the abdominal core. […]

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