MADFORM Cremy Gel warm-up cream – protect yourself during the cold weather

The brand of choice for many elite athletes presents its warm-up cream to help prevent injuries this winter.

There are many ways of getting hurt when you play sports, but a high proportion of injuries occur from simply not warming-up correctly. It is an important element that should be included in every training session and especially during the cold weather.

How does warming-up work?

We all know the importance of warming up, but how does it work? The chemical reaction that releases energy in the muscles, enabling us to move, has the side effect of creating heat causing a increase in temperature in the muscles. This causes a number of results.

First, it causes a reduction in the density of the muscles. A less dense muscle is more elastic and it is this additional elasticity in part, which reduces the likelihood of damage during exercise. Also, the reduced density of the muscle means that it can contract faster and with a greater force.

The blood passes through warm muscles with greater ease and as it does so, it increases its temperature. When blood is warmer, the oxygen that it carries is released more easily improving the supply of oxygen available to the muscles.

¿How does MADFORM Cremy Gel, warm-up cream work?

MADFORM Cremy Gel contains elements that cause a pleasant warming sensation which raises the temperature of the area where it is applied. It does not replace physical warm-up but provides important additional support, which can help to prevent pulls or strains.


Also for chronic injuries…

MADFORM Cremy Gel has another important application. As a therapeutic product it is very effective in the treatment of chronic injuries (those injuries that last more than 72 hours), since these injuries should be treated with heat. Therefore, Cremy Gel is also perfect for people suffering from Lumbago, Arthritis, Rheumatism etc.

All MADFORM products are tested and have an AEMPS code from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Medical Products. Furthermore, this product is among the few on the market that does not cause itching or irritation.

MADFORM Cremy Gel warm-up cream

MADFORM Cremy Gel is a warm-up cream that cares, protects and prepares the muscles to endure major efforts whilst maintaining their form, even during times of strenuous activity.

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