MADFORM Mediterraneum Anticellulite

Jun 30, 2014


Peninsula and Balearic Islands (Spain)
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Anticellulite and local slimming
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MADFORM Mediterraneum is a local slimming anticellutile gel.

A preparation for the intensive, effective treatment of the retention of liquids on the connective tissue (cellulite) and the localised accumulation of fat.

It contains four natural active ingredients that complement and reinforce each other.

  • Concentrated Mediterranean seaweed extract which contains a high level of iodised organic compounds that aid the dissolution of liquids and fats.
  • Olive extract: Rich in oleuropein, a bitter glycoside that activates cutaneous circulation.
  • Guarana Extract: A plant from the Amazon with a high caffeine content that speeds up the elimination of accumulated fat.
  • Trace element complex: Obtained from a clay compound it noticeably raises the cutaneous metabolism.

Active ingredients:

Pronalen Anticelulite: A blend of different plant extracts (butcher’s broom, guarana, lemon) that act upon all the biological mechanisms involved in the metabolism of fats.

L-Carnitine: Known as the “fat eater” molecule.

Caffeine: Stimulates the breakdown of triglycerides (fats) in fat cells, reducing their volume.

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