Sports Therapies

We create our products to be able to make the treatments
Services for high level athletes
Miguel Ángel Domínguez
25 years of experience, sports therapist and founder of MADFORM

MADFORM we are much more than a brand of creams. We create them to achieve excellence in our therapies.

Sport massage

It consists of a massage to prevent and fight fatigue after or before an intense physical or sporting exercise.

Lymphatic drainage

Soft manual technique that we use in our center and which consists of a gentle massage, slow and repetitive on the affected area to improve inflammations, edema and fluid retention.

Pre and post competition preparation

Non-surgical technology sustained in the supply of thermal and non-thermal current to the tissues, achieving immediate relief and a reduction of treatment time without side effects.

Sports bandages

We apply sports bandages and neuromuscular bandages to improve the athlete’s performance in joint and muscle injuries.

Treatment with INDIBA

From our center we prepare, advise and recover so that you can enjoy all your sporting challenges.

Jon Berenguer
Sports therapist trained in acupuncture, lymphatic drainage and chiromassage.
Jon Eneko Larrea
Sports Physiotherapist trained in the Official Masters of Osteopathy and in physiotherapy with mention in neurology.
"We like to work and treat our customers with our own products, because we believe in them, and because they are a guarantee for them"
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